A sophisticated Medical Coding and Charging system requires support for:

  • Multiple interfaces to the external world such as EMR, Ordering Systems and Billing Systems;
  • Multiple types of users such as charging experts, coders, QA specialists, scribes and care givers (nurses, practitioners);
  • Processes ranging from patient admission/discharge to final billing, which involve multiple steps by multiple users and which, by nature, span many hours or days; and
  • Healthcare provider’s individual preference on conditions that trigger various activities.

These requirements are a natural candidate for a workflow system that coordinates activities among various users and data flow of data among multiple participating systems over a long-duration process. MedicalSavant software platform delivers flexible powerful workflow features:

  • Skill-based Routingenables distribution of encounter coding/charging functions to users by matching the complexity of encounter and the skills of users. Such work distribution allows the provider to optimize resources by assigning junior users to less complex encounters and senior users to special cases and to act as trainers.
  • Role-based Worklistenables Users can be assigned roles and permissions that allow (or prohibit) access to parts of the system based on the users’ roles. Roles and permission allow the provider to group users based on geographical boundaries (such as hospitals in the west) or logical boundaries (such as All ER Departments in the hospital system) and manage them as cohesive unit.
  • Multi-tenancy: Multiple healthcare providers, especially in a system of hospitals that belong to single hospital group, to be organized as a single enterprise system where users can be virtually pooled in a central organization. Virtual pooling allows providers to hire skilled resources where they are available and use them multiple hospitals independent of geography.
  • Collaboration: Medical Savant workflow system allows collaboration among users of the system by routing the work to each other with a memo. Collaboration can be used for training of junior coders, clarification and improvement of documentation by exchange information between coders and care givers.