As the co-founder of MedicalSavant, Ravi brings 3 decades of Executive Leadership experience in sales & marketing, and technology & product management in a variety of industries including Telecom, Networking, Retail Supply Chain, Healthcare and Consulting.

Prior to co-founding MedicalSavant, Ravi served as the Vice President of Product Management at Nortel Networks, Vice President of R&D and Product Management at Intervoice (now a part of Convergys) and as the Exec. Vice President of Global Sales at CMC Americas.

Throughout his career, Ravi has been passionate about creating disruptive market paradigms by leveraging information technology advances, monetizing the innovations and successfully introducing them in the market to grow the company’s business. Ravi has been responsible for creating award-winning industry leading products at Nortel Networks as well as Intervoice. Leveraging this passion for creating new market paradigms, Ravi has founded multiple start-ups in Business Process Automation, RFID based Supply Chain Automation and Mobile Networking. Ravi holds multiple patents in software, networking and telecom technologies.